c Queen Mary's School Tis Hazari

Chairman 's Message

Greetings from the Diocese of Delhi - Church of North India.

For over a century, Queen Mary's School in Tis Hazari has been a shining example of excellent education in Delhi. It's dedicated to helping young women grow holistically.

Helen Jerwood, the founder of Queen Mary's School, had a powerful vision of educating young women. In a time when women weren't encouraged to pursue learning, the school stood against these norms and fought for women's empowerment. Looking back at the school's history, we're reminded that real empowerment comes from education. It opens opportunities, breaks down barriers, and gives women the ability to shape their own futures.

Queen Mary's School stands as a powerful symbol of women's empowerment, inspiring future generations, It's a place where not only minds but also hearts are nurtured. Here, academic excellence goes hand in hand with building character, values, and a strong community spirit. The school offers a platform for young women to showcase their talents, capabilities, and dreams.

| am sure that if you send your daughters to Queen Mary's School, they would be molded into fine citizens of this country.

With every blessing.

The Rt. Revd. Dr. Paul Swarup
Bishop of Delhi - CNI




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