c Queen Mary's School Tis Hazari


Queen Mary’s School, Tis Hazari situated in the very heart of Delhi, is perhaps the one and only school that provides boarding facilities to students from within the country and outside the country who aspire to study in Delhi, the capital state of India.

The Principal resides in the school premises for the safety and security of the boarders and gives personal attention to the needs of the students whenever required.Our wardens and Supervisors go extra miles to take care of these students and ensure their comfort.The study hours are closely supervised and interested students are also provided tuitions and extra classes during board and other school exams if required. Students are also provided counseling sessions and regular medical checkups. Moral values are taught and inculcated through morning and evening devotion.

The Boarding facility is open for classes III to IX and XI.The school offers 3 streams in Class XI – Science, Commerce and Humanities. Accommodation is limited and granted to outstation students only.

There is a spacious dormitory with dressing rooms. A separate dining hall with a well equipped kitchen and a T.V. room is there for the relaxation of students. There is a large courtyard , a garden, a swimming pool, net ball, tennis and badminton courts.

We at Queen Mary’s Hostel aim at nurturing the children in such a manner that they would learn to be disciplined and are able to handle all situations and acquire skills to cope with adversity and face all challenges as healthy and independent beings.

Admission is open for the current session. Kindly contact the school office for further details


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