c Queen Mary's School Tis Hazari

Queen Mary's Nursery Department

Overlooking a large expanse of greenery, the Nursery Department is the child's first peep into an institution which is almost a Century     old. Over the years, a sincere attempt has been made to make learning fun and helps the little ones to learn through the play way. The nursery school provides an interesting and a balanced curriculum so that children learn to observe, explore, discover, create, practice and absorb. The school also provides a caring and nurturing environment so that children grow up feeling safe, secure and happy. A  place away from home, it supports the children and helps them to progress confidently until they are ready to move on to the primary  classes.

During this very important part of the child's physical and mental growth, we aim at providing a multifarious range of activities outdoor / indoor play, art and craft, dramatic play, puppetry, music/dance and games. Activities like reading, writing and number skills are taught by technology in the class rooms. The "Smart Class" gives the children new ideas and reinforces the concepts introduced in the class. Keeping with the times, it is a valuable audio-visual aid within the reach of the students. An independent Computer Lab in the nursery has the children clicking away at the mouse as they are exposed to interesting and educational activities and games. Interacting closely with their teachers and peers, these children develop and imbibe social skills and values which will ultimately help them to grow up into balanced and sensitive individuals.

The Nursery school also provides wholesome and balanced food to the children during Tiffin time. It is our endeavour to see that our children grow up in healthy way so that they are able to meet the challenges of the world today. In empowering them lies our true strength.



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