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Principal's Message

Dr. (Ms) Ritu P. Solomon(Principal)

These simple words surely bear a profound meaning to me as an educationist.

Education to a woman means providing education to an entire family whereas educating a boy means educating only an individual that is why women’s education is more important. Education is a way to truth and freedom and freeing a woman is freeing half of the race as they represent half of the population.

Till a few decades ago girls were not fortunate enough to be supported for proving their worth academically. But the perspective of the people has undergone a transition and now girls too get equal opportunities to carve their niche in all spheres.

However, even today in Asia, India has the lowest rates of female literacy. The Indian society feels that a woman is a liability who will one time get married and will not contribute in the economic and social development of the family.

Nevertheless, Queen Mary’s , Tis Hazari is one of the institution that is a haven for thousands of girl students and thus promotes women emancipation from gender bias.

I indeed feel honored for being associated with Queen Mary’s for such a long period - as a student, then as a teacher and now heading the institution as the principal is quite a humble experience.

I pray to God that may he grant strength to the entire Queen Mary’s family i.e. the staff, our Respected Manager - Mrs. Rita Wilson and honorable Chairperson The Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Swarup, Bishop of Delhi to continue upholding and uplifting the good cause.

Miss Ritu P. Solomon


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